Q1. exam for a scooter license
Q2. Taiwanese Road Signs for the driving test in English?
Q3. Do any Americans know if I can get my international license while in Taiwan?
Q4. paperwork and what’s going on when you go to the test

Question 1:

Seb Hofstede
Any1 recently taken the written exam for a scooter license? Will it require a lot of studying and should I pick up the official book for studying?

I’ve seen quite a few online resources fly by in the group and have checked them out but just want to be sure I’m well prepared! Thanks.


Simon Eskrima
Click the motorbike and see how you do!

Here’s a good article.
http://www.tealit.com/article_categories.php?section=transportation&article=drivers_license It’s worth your time to study the pictures and read through the pdfs once. You don’t need the book because all the info is in the pdfs.

Take the practice test several times. When you score 100% 3 times in a row, you are good to go. You must get 85% to pass the actual test. No need to get a book.

Tony Pace
Most of the non obvious stuff I’d in the signs and in the penalties for offences. Focus on that-though some of the ‘common sense’ questions are good for a laugh.

Paul Alex
I don’t know if they have fixed it yet, but there are some questions that require you to choose the wrong answer. When I wrote the test, I had memorized those questions and, sure enough, they were the wrong answers there too. Just be careful. Otherwise, it is not difficult to pass.

Question 2:

Simon Eskrima
Any info / links to where I can get the Taiwanese Road Signs for the driving test in English?


Dominique Lugard

Douglas Jarvie

I was not being sarcastic. I did search and found a whole bunch of useful connections (including this one that someone else just posted). Sorry if it seemed I was giving you a hard time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKKDh2LrNI0 for example, just after the tealit listing, there is a video with directions.
http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=1268 and forumosa!! very useful website

Max Noble

Question 3:

Seth Conger
Do any Americans know if I can get my international license while in Taiwan? I have an American driver’s license and I know it is easy to do when in the US, but is there any way I can get it without flying all the way over an ocean?

Joe Cooperman
In Canada and in the past, I have applied for it remotely and got someone to mail it to me. CAA has an online application. I just had to fax them my drivers licence. I imagine most states in the US must be the same.

Peja Lin
if i remember rite, u can just bring ur ARC to this place, n they will get one for you. http://tct.tmv.gov.tw/eng.htm
Taichung City Motor Vehicles Station tct.tmv.gov.tw
n it costs 250 quai if …. i remember rite lol

Joe Cooperman
I use my Canadian International Drivers Licence as my car drivers licence in Taiwan. Since Taiwan has a reciprocal agreement with various provinces in Canada, I can simply take it over to the DMV in Taichung and they stamp it every six months or so. I must carry both the IDL and my provincial licence on me when I drive in the event that someone checks it.

Seth Conger
Peja Lin I just read that you need an ARC. I have no ARC at the moment, just a tourist visa

Peja Lin
ouch. u staying for 6 months? hmmmm i’m not quite sure bout tourist visa then… mite have to ring them or something. let me do some more research. are u getting a vehicles here? or you just need a licence? i reckon if you staying here for a short time, you just have to make sure u keep all the rules on the road…hmmmmm n nvm the licence … .hehehehe

Seth Conger
I’m studying Chinese now and am trying to decide if I want to teach english and get an ARC. I want an international license so that I can drive a scooter if I need to.

Douglas Jarvie
http://www.aaa.com/vacation/idpapplc.html apply by mail

Amy Lovestrand
Its easy to do by mail.15USD. Website above. No arc necessary, just copy your US license.

Seth Conger
How do I pay? I’ve looked everywhere and they say you can pay by credit card but I don’t see a place to put my credit card info. Any ideas?

Douglas Jarvie
Seth, I suggest getting a cashier’s check for US15 from a bank here. (if you don’t have a US checking account). I also suggest you enclose a self-addressed and stamped return envelope. I think you can ask about international mail stamps at the post office. keep it simple.
I mean… simple for THEM…. not you.

Question 04: 

With the scooter license test. Can you go one day and take the written test and then go back and take the driving test another day? And what all paperwork do we need when we go?


Ken Taiwan
Yes, you can take them separately, you need arc, health check, you fill out forms there
You also have to sit through a 2 hour class in Chinese where they show you videos crashes, proper techniques etc… Bring your mobile phone or tablet or a book for that…. Oh and 2 pictures which you can get across the street where you can also get the health check at
Basically bring an arc and do the rest there

黎 安 妮
Btw you first need to get a form from the dmv with a list of clinics / hospitals where u can go for your health check- it differs from the arc health checkup and only certain clinics do the test.check tealit.com for all the exact info and links to sites

Ken Taiwan
There’s a health check place directly across the alley from the testing center, no need to get it ahead of time

a different new health check? despite the fact that we just got it two months ago?

Ken Taiwan
Yes, this one is easy, squat, stand up, eye check which you don’t have to pass if you have glasses already, weight, height, blood pressure, takes 5-10mins
Cost 100ish my
Nt damn auto correct
Make sure to bring something to do during the class… You can be 1/2 hour late which I reco and still get credit for the class

Jonathan Wadsworth
I didn’t have to take a class. I just walked in, did the health check, computer test and practical and walked out with my license about an hour later.

Ken Taiwan
The class started this year on September 1st I believe, give or take a few weeks, I got my license in the middle if September and had to take it, you just have to sit there…

Tom Manning
The practical test is tricky and can only be passed if you’ve got some experience driving.
Personally I took the written test, paid for the 50 cc license (also needed driver health check and2 photos, both if which you can get at the DMV centre) and drove a 50cc bike for a couple of months. Then went back, took the practical test and upgraded to a “heavy scooter” license (just needed my old license and 2 photos).
Best and most legal route if you have access to a 50cc bike.

Javier Siles
I got the license last week. No course at all. Just the health check up + 3 pics and the arc

Javier Siles so no video?

My friend had to watch the video in Beitun a few weeks ago. Two hour total trip.

Javier Siles
No video in donghai