Q1.  transferring ownership of a scooter 
Q2.  insurance, registration fees and taxes


Michael Bailey
I have a question regarding transferring ownership of a scooter (or any vehicle).
I want to sell a scooter, but the buyer’s ARC is in the process of being renewed. Is it possible to transfer ownership while the ARC is unavailable? Could the buyer fill out ARC# and other info, without actually showing the real ARC, and still get the transfer completed?

I’d appreciate any info if anyone has had experience with a similar situation or has transferred ownership simply by getting one party to fill out the information on the form then submitting it without ever showing the actual ID to the DMV at the time of processing. Thanks.


Joseph Fritz
You can get a temporary official document that gives your ID number, while your actual ID is being renewed.

Question 2.

So how does motorcycle insurance, registration fees and taxes work here? I’m about to buy a bike that’s been quoted 9,800nt but that doesn’t include any of the aforementioned fees. Should the dealer sort all this out for me too?

Nathan Miller Egon,
I got a used 125cc Jockey from a big Yamaha shop in Wufeng – the boss speaks English – I gave them my ARC and Health card and they sorted it all out for 8000NT – the machine works like a charm.

Paul Alex
Every time I have purchased a bike or scooter from a shop, they have taken care of everything including registration and insurance. I have paid the insurance and other fees, but there was no charge for them doing it.